Weston’s Garden

Over the last two years, Weston and I have worked on furnishing our house.  Finishing the media room, making sure every room had the appropriate decoration.  Finally finding the right light fixtures and wine cabinet.

We decided that this year, in lieu of going on a huge vacation, we would have our backyard done.  We chose a patio home because we wanted to have a minimal yard, and we fell in love with our particular model.  Our goal was to create an outdoor living area, and I think we’re off to a decent beginning.


The starting point was pretty abysmal.  Builder grade concrete pad, sod thrown down over building material, horribly leaning “trash tree”.

It was just not the greatest place to be, and because the yards are so narrow, our only view was our next door neighbour’s wall.

We hired a contractor and lanscape architect to draw up some plans for us – quite an expensive drawing, by the way – and decided to go ahead on the plan in late May, early June.  It’s finally been done for a few weeks, but it’s been too hot to really enjoy it.





Including 5 tons of Oklahoma Flagstone and 2 tons of decomposed granite, it took about 2 weeks for our backyard to be completed.

I’ll be adding more pics as we add to the garden, but as you can see in the top right picture, Weston has a bed specifically prepared for growing herbs and vegetables.  I’m looking forward to having some tomatoes and peppers planted in the ground as opposed to various pots all over the patio.

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