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Homemade Green Bean Casserole

While very belated, I wanted to finally getting around to posting my first attempt at making a from-scratch Green Bean Casserole. On our way home from visiting our family in Houston this Christmas Eve, W mentioned that he was once again craving GBC. He wasn't sure what he wanted as a main, but he absolutely knew he wanted this as a side. Comfort dishes like this one always appear to be so much simpler to prepare when using a canned cream of something-or-other soup instead of just making your own cream sauce. This one is as simple as melting some butter, whisking in some flour, and adding some liquid and combining the components into a baking dish. Ditch the topping in favor of just the traditional French fried onions (if you want) and you have a quite simple make-ahead meal that will win over family and guests alike. Continue Reading

Butternut Squash Risotto with Bacon and Thyme

It's that time of year again - Christmas potlucks and Holiday get togethers! I struggled with what to make this year until I started working with so much pumpkin in October. I think I finally realized that I actually really like squash. The inspiration to make this came from a couple of places; my Creamy Pumpkin and Sage Pasta that featured bacon and sausage, and a delicate Butternut Squash and Port Bisque that we had at the Four Seasons this past Saturday. I was also thrilled to finally be able to utilize my duck stock! Continue Reading

Pan-Fried Pork Chops with a Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Last night was a wonderful night to attempt this dish. It was cold and drizzly here in Dallas, and it really felt like winter. I always tend to see pork chops as a cold-weather food, so this really hit the spot. The citrus combined with the cranberries and a bit of spice made this a dish I will certainly work into my winter repertoire. Served with some Carrot and Sweet Potato Mash, this dish is a satisfying sweet and savory dinner. I do hope you enjoy it if you try it - and you should! :) Continue Reading

Sweet Potato and Carrot Mash

sweetpotatoandcarrotmash  Why is it that orange food is almost always the most delicious?  Oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots - they're all so good for you!  The citrus is laden with Vitamin C, the carrots and sweet potatoes are loaded with keratin.   I made this dish to complement the Cranberry Orange Sauce I made for the Pork Chops I pan fried last night.  The recipe I've written makes about enough for 3-4 people, depending on how hungry you are, so if you have more people to feed (or just hungrier people), double, or even triple the recipe accordingly.  :) ... Continue Reading

Maple-Glazed Sweet Potato Casserole

Let's face it - sweet potato casserole is dessert masquerading as a Thanksgiving side dish. The sweetness of the topping varies from one home cook to the next, but my husband is a huge fan of marshmallows atop a creamy sweet potato puree. For this recipe, I used my homemade vanilla extract (which I promise I will get to in an upcoming post), some cinnamon and nutmeg, and butter and cream. You know, all of the good things in life. :) Continue Reading