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Fresh Pappardelle with PEI Mussels, Smoked Chorizo, Mushrooms & Tomato in a Saffron Broth

Preparing mussels at home has always intimidated me. I'm not exactly sure why; I've done pretty well at my first attempts at Beef Wellington and Risotto Tortes, so why would the thought of preparing mussels at home frighten me? Well, foodborn illness, for one. Overcooking them, for another. A laundry list of potential failures threatened my never-attempted mussels for years and years. Until I swallowed my fears and went for it anyway. On New Year's Eve 2011. And then again on New Years Day 2012. Dare I say that now I'm slightly addicted? To help clear the air about how to handle mussels and remove the fear, there are really only a few things you need to know before you start: *Scrub the mussels well under running cold water to remove any barnacles, etc. A very stiff cleaning brush comes in handy for this. *Tap on any mussels that are open (they responded quicker/more fervently using the back of the cleaning brush), and if they don't close, discard them. *Any mussel with a broken shell should be tossed out. *Each mussel has a beard which you can find sticking out of the side. Pull this out in a back and forth wiggling motion to ensure you get it all off. *Once the mussels are cooked, the shells should be open. Any mussels that are close at this point should not be eaten. I think the most important step to note is to not soak the mussels in water, and to not *accidentally* turn the tap water to warm and leave them for any amount of time in slightly tepid water. Because that might cause you to freak out and think you ruined your *entire* New Years Eve dinner when they all open and you think they've all gone belly up. Fear not, though! One rather strong rap on the shell with the back of the cleaning brush will quickly have those mussels closing up shop and you can then proceed to make this meal. Which is delicious, by the way. And quick! Continue Reading

Crab & Shrimp Salad with Avocado

I know, I know - no one makes friends with salad! But, I promise, this salad is not your average, boring, run-of-the-mill salad! It's fresh and light, and the addition of crab and shrimp makes it a bit more decadent and somehow satisfying. The liberal addition of orange gives it a delicious acid that's perfectly fitting with the seafood - of, and it's on some lettuce - so you know it's *healthy*! I brought this salad to a birthday party/Thanksgiving party this weekend, and it was mostly gone before everyone had a chance to get any. I'd say I made some friends with salad. ;) Continue Reading

Seafood and Sausage Paella

Although I'm Spanish by heritage, I've only had paella a handful of times in my life. I remember eating at the Spanish American Club in San Francisco with my family and my uncle and cousins when I was about 13 years old. We had tapas and arroz con pollo and paella, and it was all incredibly delicious! Now, I don't have a paella pan yet, but I do plan on getting one as there was not nearly enough of the burnt bottom crust in my version of the dish, but a Dutch oven is a fine alternative. Continue Reading

Butter-Poached Brazilian Lobster Tails

This was the first time I have ever attempted to cook lobster, but given the huge amount of information available online about how to cook Brazilian Lobster tails and the proper removal of the shell, I was a bit less intimidated than I would have been even a year ago. So, Sprouts was having a great deal on Brazilian Tails, so I decided to buy a couple and try out a butter poach that I had been reading about. This dish is delicious and very tender if cooked for the proper amount of time. Continue Reading

Fried Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Cream

Fried Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Cream

Fried Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Cream

I know I don't cook enough seafood and fish, as much as I love it.  It's something I'm trying to spend more time cooking, but for some reason, I only take pictures of the finished product when it's been fried, and you can't really tell what it is.   This was an easy and quick Wednesday night dinner that turned out to be surprisingly delicious.  A word of warning, our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs, so don't buy more shrimp than you think you and your fellow diners can eat.  Deep fried anything doesn't keep very well for future meals, so it's better to not have any leftovers of this dish! ... Continue Reading