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Creamy Yogurt and Gherkin Chicken Salad Open Faced Sandwiches

creamyyogurtchickensalad This is an easy way to cut some of the unnecessary fat out of the traditional chicken salad.  I love chicken salad.  Grapes and walnuts or just plain tarragon - it's the best picnic food there is!  I used gherkins to add some sweetness to this tarragon chicken salad, and I have to say, this is certainly an approach that will be added to my standard chicken salad repertoire.  ... Continue Reading

Grilled Sliders. Little. Delicious. Surprisingly filling!

Sometimes, you just want a good burger. Or 3 tiny ones. :) This recipe is an adaptation of Alton Brown's slider recipe. He employs what I deem to be one of the most clever ways of producing perfectly square little sliders by rolling the meat out into a jellypan or cookie sheet. Positively brilliant and delicious! Continue Reading