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Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

Happy New Year, all! I hope you have all had an incredibly enjoyable Christmas and New Year and have been settling into life in 2011! In the past few months, W and I have been through a lot of bottles of wine. And my Uncle Roger, has been generously making creative gifts of old wine bottles by stuffing LED Christmas lights into them. Ta Daaa; Christmas-light wine bottle fixture! We are now blessed with a Christmas-light bottle of Silver Oak (Alexander Valley Cabernet, 2004) and a bottle of The Prisoner. I would try to explain the history behind The Prisoner vs. The Promise, but the moral of that story is; wear your glasses when picking out bottles of wine, kids. Today, we had 3-6" of snow in Dallas, so I spent the day braising beef short ribs in wine. This dish makes the house smell like Heaven while it's cooking. There is nothing more homey than beef and wine served with creamy mashed potatoes with garlic and chives. The best part about this braising sauce is that you can use the leftovers for chicken the next day; it's delicious. Continue Reading

Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagne with Cannelini Beans

My husband is Garfield. I don't mean to imply he really is a large orange cat famous for his affection for lasagne, but my husband does love lasagne. And he had a large orange cat when we met, so perhaps there may be something to that. We had a very busy day of cooking over W's birthday this weekend. One of our friends who was coming over to help celebrate is a vegetarian, so along with the homemade pizzas we were planning on baking, I wanted to try something a bit different. Something that was a departure from the bechamel, bolognese, and pasta that I'm used to. Something without any meat. The answer was found in a lovely roasted butternut squash filling that had an assortment of vegetables and cannelini beans. Fresh pasta is the key to this dish, so I highly recommend rolling out your own. It's well worth it, and so incredibly easy to do, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it all along! Continue Reading

Lasagne Bolognese – 2010

When I think of comfort food, one thing that instantly comes to mind is Lasagne. My Mother made an amazing Lasagne, and I always cherish my childhood memories surrounding it. My husband and I went to Italy to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, and I have warm memories tied to my first sampling of a lovely Lasagne Bolognese in Rome. I absolutely love Lasagne of all kinds, and there seem to be 11ty different variations on recipes out there. I recently purchased Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and adapted the recipe in the book to fit what I had on hand, as well as to include fresh pasta. I prefer fresh pasta, but if time or material is not on your side, 8 ounces of dried egg lasagne sheets can work just as well. I hope that you do try to make some fresh pasta at some point, though. It’s something just so simple and rewarding, and the difference in quality is shocking. Continue Reading

Butternut Squash Risotto with Bacon and Thyme

It's that time of year again - Christmas potlucks and Holiday get togethers! I struggled with what to make this year until I started working with so much pumpkin in October. I think I finally realized that I actually really like squash. The inspiration to make this came from a couple of places; my Creamy Pumpkin and Sage Pasta that featured bacon and sausage, and a delicate Butternut Squash and Port Bisque that we had at the Four Seasons this past Saturday. I was also thrilled to finally be able to utilize my duck stock! Continue Reading

Pasta with Lemon, Chicken, and Squash

This week I was coming down off of a vacation weekend, so I was focused on quick and simple dishes to make. Or, you could just say I was lazy. I'd prefer it if you referred to me as a time preservationist. I always like lemon and chicken, but I didn't want to make chicken picatta, so I decided a lighter version, using chunks of chicken with a touch of cream would be just as delicious and easy to prepare in minutes. Continue Reading