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Curried Lamb Stew over Coconut Scented Rice

I have been craving a lamb stew for ages. This past week has been in the 20s in Dallas, and for us, that may as well be Arctic temperatures. I've found a few lamb curry recipes, and decided to make some additions in the form of coconut, and red wine. I didn't heavily spice this dish, but it could surely benefit from a healthy amount of heat, though I'll leave those decisions to you. Served over some coconut-scented rice, this was a fantastic meal to warm up to. Continue Reading

Date and Olive Braised Chicken Thighs

I've started to really enjoy cooking Indian inspired dishes, and last night, I felt playing a little game of "Chopped" with my husband. "What can I do with Olives, Chicken, Thighs, Dates, and all of this fresh herb we just pruned?" This dish was the culmination of all of our conversations on the matter, and might I add, was delicious! Continue Reading

Chicken Korma

I don’t often go to many Indian restaurants, but when we do, I have one stand-in dish that is always, always delicious; Chicken Korma. I don’t think I’ve ever had a poorly done version of this dish, so I looked for as authentic a recipe as possible. I stumbled across one recipe that looked intriguing, so I decided to give it a try! Continue Reading

Indian-style Broccoli with Spiced Yogurt

Indian-style Broccoli with Spiced Yogurt

Indian-style Broccoli with Spiced Yogurt

I must admit, for as much as I love Indian food, I certainly haven't ever attempted to cook it. Well, today I changed that, and made a classic Chicken Korma, which is admittedly, my favourite Indian dish. As a side, I found a recipe by Jamie Oliver, and twisted it up a bit with slightly different spices. It was delicious and tangy, and had a nice layer of flavours.
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