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Corn & Chile Strata with Mexican Chorizo

For Christmas this year, my lovely sister Leah gave me a wonderful Williams-Sonoma cookbook full of recipes for the thing I love most in the world; brunch! Paging through page after page of beautifully shot photos, I finally settled on a recipe for a corn & chile strata with chorizo. This is an extremely homey dish, and after refrigerating overnight, I absolutely could not wait to get this in the oven the next morning. Definitely worth the preparation because it was so light and fluffy the next day; satisfied my love of homemade brunch in a huge way! Continue Reading

Roasted Brussel Sprouts Topped with a Baked Egg

I have been a vegetable roasting fiend as of late. Pretty much any combination of vegetables, I'll roast. Lately, I've rediscovered the magnificence of simple roasted brussel sprouts, and at the risk of over kill, it's been a two-three time a week meal since we're trying to watch our figures and make sure our upcoming trip to Las Vegas allows us to be gluttonous fools for a weekend. DB Brasserie and Burger Bar await, as does Bouchon for brunch. Well, that's where this post runs off the tracks. I had every intention of just using minimal oil, salt, pepper, and garlic to season these things, but then the idea of bacon and topping it all with a couple of eggs crept into my mind, and all hell broke loose in the form of these breakfast-inspired roasted brussel sprouts. Gotta love the versatility of them, but they can get exceedingly addicting. Just fair warning. Continue Reading

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day! I've recently been chatting with a dear friend who lives in Ireland, and she mentioned to me that March 18th of this year was the first time she had ever heard of all of the "pinching and wearing green" malarkey that us Americans go on and on about every March 17th. I was a bit ashamed to admit that I didn't even know of the origins of the holiday as I have Irish Catholic roots; have we really translated a holiday meant to mark the arrival of Christianity in Ireland into a green beer drinking, corned-beef eating good time? We have? I mean, sign me up, but let's not forget to take a moment to bow our heads and thank Saint Patrick for finding that 4 leaf clover on March 17th. I'm celebrating late because I have been sick the last week, and only just felt up to cooking something this morning. One of my favourite uses of Corned Beef is as a hash. If you have already cooked leftover potatoes from another dish, this is a fantastic way to utilize them. Meat and potatoes with a fried egg = a pretty delicious breakfast. Continue Reading

Baked Eggs Florentine

I very rarely make breakfast, except for when the occasion calls for it. Yesterday was my dear husband's birthday, so I decided to make an attempt at some baked eggs. Since I love spinach so much, I decided that combine the two to create an easy and delicious breakfast! This dish was simple enough; saute some spinach in a small amount of butter and heavy cream, season according to taste, and drop in a couple of eggs. Simple, right? Well, you would think that, but this was my first ever attempt at baking eggs rather than cooking them on a range, and frankly, I'm not so great at moderating temperature when I can't see the eggs. I cooked my eggs for far too long, as my whites seemed to never firm up. Just keep checking on them, and if you have to, touch them to assure the whites are done. The drizzle of cream over the top makes the whites appear runnier than they are, so as long as you keep that in mind, you should be much more successful at this dish than I was, though it was still exceptionally tasty! Continue Reading

Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Happy Valentine's Day! <3 I was flipping through Ellie Krieger's new cookbook, So Easy, yesterday on a trip to Border's, and decided I needed to make Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast for breakfast this morning. I made it according to Ellie's instructions with a couple of alterations, but one thing I would suggest is a tiny sprinkle of confectioner's sugar over the ricotta before laying down the strawberries. It will go a long way toward tying all of these flavours together. Continue Reading