Hi there, and welcome to Lauren’s Kitchen.

lwttdMy name is Lauren, and I’m a 30-something girl that has just recently found her feet in the kitchen, but has always felt passionately about delicious food.   As a big fan of simple, fresh, homemade dishes, I decided to start this blog as a virtual recipe box, simply to chronicle dishes that I attempted, and to share them with my friends and family. 

None of the recipes I post are gourmet or fancy by any stretch of the imagination.  These days though, cooking has become much more than the dreaded daily task it used to be.  Growing up, if you would have asked my family what I’d be least likely to enjoy doing as an adult, the answer would emphatically be “COOKING!”  Not surprisingly, all of my friends and family have been shocked by this little endeavour!

Luckily, Weston, my dreamy and very talented husband, also shares my passion for lovely food and wine.  He often guest writes for my blog, and without his help and inspiration, my blog would have been finished before it was started.   He also takes a good portion of the pictures you’ll see, and he happily eats anything I put in front of him, which I love him for.  He also has an amazing knack for baking, the fruits of which I also happily eat.

So, ultimately, I wanted to thank you for reading and I truly appreciate your comments, but should you have any questions, comments, or if you just want to say “hi”, feel free to email me at lauren@laurenskitchen.com.